My night at the local Ihop.

I started my night at the hop by hanging out with the elitist czar and my other close friends Squishy included.  But it ends up being a total group of monkeys.  I mean I understand that some people we know have no lives but hey I hang out at the hop almost nightly hell what am I saying I hang out there nightly hahaha.  Talk about not having a life.  But, sometimes I go to hang out and to do some writing but you know sometimes I don’t get shit done.  If it isn’t a conversation about politics boobs or some weirdos singing some weird shit by some guy named steven fucking lynch.  Don’t get me wrong the conversations are sometimes interesting hell even stimulating but not that night I mean it started out nice till some friends felt that they had better priorites that hanging out with friends at the hop they would rather go and get themselves drunk.  Which is not that bad of an idea but I acutally don’t care to much for it.  But, all differences aside meeting new people is also a good thing that the hop is for.  Case in point I just got recently introduced to a guy name  Robert who I have to say is not to bad of a person to talk to but give it time I will find something interesting to say.  And, that is something I am famous for hehehehe yes I am famous maybe in my mind or in my own little world but dammit it is my world and I rule it with an iron fist.  Well enough of my delusions of grandure.  Which is something I tend to do from time to time.  Of course the conversations do tend to get kind of juicy one example is finding out that Eddie Guizar decided to drink eight bottles of Ballz energy drink and what happened almost made me say WTF since his heart rate went up to about four beats a second can someone say HEART ATTACK what a fucking moron. Hahahaha all kidding aside here I thought he was someone who I thought that he had a good head on his shoulders but nope I was wrong.  Like let me state this sometimes you will hear interesting tidbits of information.  Especially when some people who state that they get tired of assholes and they want to find non asshole guys hehehe I tell you the things that come up here at the hop will actually blow your mind.   Our advice on that note was basically this look for the asshole because sometimes you will find the diamond in the rough and he turns out to not be the asshole he started with.  Because the token phycologist Squish stated that women like to find assholes.  Something that he has tested and proven correct on that type of issue.  Which is very interesting due to the fact that after thinking of this I have to agree with the all mighty Squish and say that he is right in fact that we have known many girls who dated assholes and I mean they are assholes.  And, they stick with them and they complain but they don’t leave them but hell they actually marry them.  Which in this just clarifies that women have no idea or understanding what the hell they want.  So with this I will leave you all with this rant which I hope you enjoy and I will leave you with this little saying which I like to say once and while.  That no matter what problems you have mine are not as bad…The Chew

The slow painful death of personal freedoms

The slow painful death of personal freedoms
By. Roel F. Cisneros

The recent smoking bill that passed in my opinion is something that should not have been done.  Recent being is that we have become a city where we allow people to follows fads and trends.  Case in point when Brownsville passed their ban it was based on the ban that was placed in Austin and other cities.  We were never asked if this was a wise move.  We were never invited to participate in the council meetings and when they informed us of said meetings it was the day before the vote.  Not giving us the time to prepare a proper argument against it.  One argument that should have been mentioned is that this bill should not of been brought up for another three years.  The original bill was made and failed so the council people decided to sneak it into another totally irrelevant bill based on the smoking issues.  When did the median issue correlate with smoking?  It did not but they decided to sneak it in because they lost on the original bill.  Now tell me when did we become a fascist regime on said bills?  I mean smoking has its downfalls don’t get me wrong.  But, so does drinking and no one has even placed a drinking ban either and made this city a dry town.  When were forced to accept this bill our rights have been infringed we were told that we could no longer smoke in our favorite restaurants and our favorite bars.  I understand that certain people do not like smoking in restaurants but that is whey there are designated sections for it.  And, what about the right of the smoker does that mean that we don’t have rights either.  Or do we only support the non-smokers in our fair city?  Fair city that phrase has become not only a joke but also a straight out lie.  When we elect officials to office they are there to protect all of our rights just not of certain people or people who have more pull than others.  The people who are going to hurt more than the smokers are the restaurants owners that did allow smoking.  Since a lot of smokers go to said establishments they will no longer be able to go and enjoy their cigarettes.  They are going to go and yes enjoy their food but that is it no conversations no time to hang out with their friends families etc.  So this bill that has been just passed is something that is going to cause more trouble than it is going to solve anything.  And, as people who believe in their rights should stand up against this bill and make them see that this is nothing more than a way to oppress a group of people.  They had and issue a while back called segregation of color now it is segregation of smoking preference.  So before another issue starts up with a different grouping of people we need to stand up and against our removal of rights. 

300 A movie worth watching.

Most of you know me as a person who loves a good movie. I know I have been wrong from time to time. But, not always well there comes a time when a movie comes out that is totally phenomenal but let me say this. This time you don’t have to take my word for it. Let me say just say this. Those who know me all know that I have a person in my life that I call like to call wife, her name is Claudia and if you know me then you know her and how she enjoys to converse a little during a movie. But, not this one I mean through the whole movie not a peep was made by her and if that does not tell you what kind of movie that is nothing will.

Well back to my telling of this great movie if you need to see a movie this year this is the movie you need to see. The movie is 300 and let me tell you that from what the hype you have seen and the way people were making it sound. I can say this that the movie is actually worth the full price of admission. The story is based of a close adaptation of the graphic novel 300 by Frank Miller in which the great Spartan King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fight to the last man against Persian King Xerxes and his massive army of one million soldiers. Facing insurmountable odds, the Spartans’ sacrifice inspires all of Greece to unite against the Persian soldiers. The story is based loosely on the Battle of Thermopylae which took place in the year of 480 B.C. which I can say that was done with remarkable directing and cinematography. The first battle that starts this epic war is done with great precision and makes you feel that you are actually there with the Spartans. I can’t say too much due to the reason that I don’t want to give too much away but I will say this much is that when they say that Spartans were descended from Hercules himself I can say yeah I think so also. These great men are bred to fight and fight they will. One of the lines in the movie I enjoyed was (small Spoiler but not enough to ruin) When Leonidas asks the other group that has come to fight with them. The professions of the men. They state what they are. One states a potterer, one states a black smith. When Leonidas asks his men they are do a battle cry and he states I guess I brought more soldiers today. Now that line just makes me appreciate the fact that Spartans are bred to be soldiers and nothing else. So before I give out to much information of this great film let me leave you with this bit of advice go and see this movie and don’t find out about it from others because it will actually make you want to see it more. So before that happens see the film I guarantee you it will be worth it.

Fellow smokers lend me your lighters

You know what gets on my nerves? Right off the bat I am already fired up and you know this is going to be good. Well the usage of a commercial holiday to prevent people from enjoying their night at a local establishment. I mean smokers are paying customers are we not? This is what gets me Feb. 14th. I know it is Valentines day but here is the kicker. You can’t smoke in the smoking section because they are expecting a rush of people. Now let me ask you this, who in their right mind takes their significant other to Ihop for Valentines day. I know I don’t. Well let me tell you what happened, I decided to stop by and meet a friend there for a bit and do some work, and you would not believe what they told me not asked told me. You can’t smoke in the smoking section tonight. I was like why not? Well it is because we are expecting a rush and we want them to be able to be comfortable and I am like what people? You are not even busy yet and probably won’t I noticed four tables in the section and two of them I knew they were smokers. I mean even thinking of this makes me get reminded how they raised the taxes on cigarretes to a dollar or more. And, they decide not to let us smoke because they are worried of offending non-smokers when they actually have 75% of the establishment. Hell people should be freaking allowing us to smoke where we want due to the fact unless I have been misinformed. But, is not the extra tax money coming from cigarrettes supposed to be paying for school taxes. Well that tells me that the state wants us to smoke. I mean if the education system promotes smoking I don’t see why Ihop’s management should bitch cause if we all decided to up and quit I tell you the eductaional system that teaches their kids is going down the drain. I mean I don’t think that Ihop wants to start alienating their customers. I mean if we can’t go smoke their we will find some other place to and that means loss of money and they of course don’t want that. Now in this opinion which is only that. My opinion it is not to offend the non-smokers of the world cause even if it does remember here in texas like I mentioned earlier as far as I know you should thank us for taking the school taxes off your hands. But, know this no matter how much you complain no matter how much you make your little comments like oh my god he is smoking. Remember this, we smokers are here and were not going anywhere. And, there is actually nothing you can do about it.

I awoke this morning…

Today of all days I wish that I was a mushroom. The idea of staying in a dark area not bothered by the comings and goings of people life and the occasional dog or cat. The day started interesting enough got up took my shower and decided to clock in for work. As many of my friends know I work at home. And, the idea of clocking in at home is a wonderful feeling that I like to remind my friends of having.

This feeling alas, is not satisfying me today since today like I mentioned is one of those days that I feel the overcoming power of a dark shadow a shadow of pure gloom and melancholy coming over me and the only thing that I want to do is go back under my covers and close myself to the world that has been laid before me and say “I will not get out of bed I will not get out of this room and face the world and you can’t make me.” Then I hear from the other part of the room “Oh you better cause the bills will still keep coming and we can’t afford to not pay them.” The wisdom of my wife. Does she not understand that the world as I KNOW IT is falling between my fingers. Of course not since it is my life that is hanging in the balance. So it is up to me to set things right. Make the calm of the earth be one with my chi. And, step out and make something good and of this half started day into a day that maybe just maybe can be a form of freedom and to be taken out of the darkness and have some light shed on this mushroom of gloom and self doubt.

This is called Opression.

By Roel Cisneros

Feeling left out.  With no one to share my life

With no one to understand my strife.

Getting the feeling of being hated.

Pleased that my friends have asked about my life.

Only to realize, that I have been baited.

Baited into a sense of acceptance.

Playing on the fact of being needed.

People who care show no repentance.

Warning signs that are not heeded.

Looks of hatred around me

Wanting acceptance which blinds my sight

Hoping, wanting for equality.

Striving to go against my plight.

Oppression must be stopped quickly

For we as humans are made equal.

As no one should be placed on top an uneven pedestal.

Waiting for it to crumble and fall.

As these are the times we shall heed the call

We must strive to be one for all.

Something I wrote for a friends sadness

Love’s Lament
By Roel Cisneros

Time that was spent is time
Now lost
Feelings once had will
Never again be had
Knowing to never be next
To you lying in bed
Sleeping alone is now
My ritual
Sharing a tune in my head
No longer shared
Wondering who you are with
While I have no one
Why do I pine for you?
While you do not
Being told you do not love me
While I still do
My heart being torn apart
Knowing yours is intact
Knowing I am not there
To protect you while
You are alone
Feeding yourself lies of me
Not wanting to face the truth
Not caring if I live or die
Due to a tragic event
I write this with a broken heart
Unconsciously going through life
Hoping one day that we
May find ourselves
Through the darkness
Called love

The Console War Results

The Console Wars

By Roel Cisneros

So far this past year the console wars were fought. And, who was left standing between the two companies that had put out new systems. Nintendo came out shining even though the Wii is actually, if you look at it from the technical aspect is a customized game cube. This shows that it is not always what is under the hood that counts. It is how it runs.

And, the Wii runs great even for it having some people have called a gimmicky controller. Which, is by far a very innovative idea in game interaction. And, being able to play game cube games makes backward compatibility a possibility. Of course Sony’s PS3 is backward compatible with it previous PS2 games, they needed to release a patch that would make the compatibility issue a problem of the past.

Even though It is late in the game they made up for the pixel degradation that was happening with some of their games i.e. final fantasy ten. Now the PS3 Is a phenomenal machine and I don’t believe anything out there can come close to its processing power.   And not mention that the PS3 has Blu-ray which offer the next-gen capabilities.  The graphical power it can render is alos of HD standards.  This meaning that the system can and does support 1080p.  Which is the highest resolution available.  Blu-ray discs are able to store up to 9 gigs of data.  This allowing Sony to come up with titles that will in terms of deail be much bigger and richer.  Blu-ray also supports 7.1 surround sound.  Even though these points make a valid and stong point in Sony’s defense of their system it does not change that Sony should of realized that if they were only able to produce 600,000 units for the U.S. alone. That they should of spent more time on the R&D of the system.

Now Nintendo was able to foresee this issue and they made more than enough for their launch date. As we have read in other articles they were able to sell 600,000 units only eight days after release here in the states. Not to mention that they in only two days after the launch in Europe they were able to sell 400,000 units as well as Japan’s 325,000 in the first day. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like making a lot of negative points on the PS3.

But, I call them like I see them and from what I have seen so far Sony should of taken the time to actually finish their product 100% and not sending out units that were coming out with issues on day one. Some of the units have even been reported of being bricks right out of the box. Now if they would have had these issues handled before launch and if they launched with all of these issues resolved.

Sony would of and I believe this greatly would have come out not only on top but would have taken the console wars to a new level.

Welcome to my Page.

Hello, all Lord Zurph here for all who actually know me hi and for those who don’t know me let me begin by saying this.  My name is Roel F. Cisneros and I am aspiring writer who hopefully one day will be able to known by more than just my friends.  This site is dedicated to my past, recent and of course future works.  So I ask you to come in and enjoy my works and if you would like to comment feel free to do so.  I accept both negative and positive criticsm and don’t worry about offending me you won’t.  Well without  further adieu I present to you 

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