Metallica: Through the Never, A Review of Apocalyptic Proportions



Several bands in the past have decided that making a concert film to reach more people is a good way to not only make some extra cash, but like mentioned before allow their music to reach more of their fan base.  Metallica is not so different, they’ve made several live performances in the past.  The latest one being Metallica: Through the Never.  Unlike their previous versions of concert films this one is a bit different in several ways.  Continue reading Metallica: Through the Never, A Review of Apocalyptic Proportions

LanaDee’s Restaurant Review

LanaDee’s Restaurant,

2115 W Trenton Rd
Edinburg, TX 78539

(956) 631-2613


People have asked me if I’ll take recommendations for places to eat. I look at them, shrug a shoulder and say, “yeah, as long as you don’t mind my honesty.”  With that they smile and proceed to tell me about a new place, (new to me of course) that they swear is a great place to eat. Of course I nod and smile, I’m sure they think its the next best thing they’ve ever tasted.  But it doesn’t always happen that way.

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Review of The Hobbit

An Unexpected Journey


    The first installment of the three part trilogy of The Hobbit, is titled An Unexpected Journey and it is like I said only the first part of what was once thought to be a two part film series.  People are thinking if Peter Jackson isn’t worried about that he might’ve of risked making a third part for favoring a box office hit.  But, that’s a personal opinion, so for now let’s begin with the first part of the journey. Continue reading

Smashburger Review by. R F Cisneros

I’ve been told that a new burger place is opening in up in McAllen and that I’ve got to try it out. So I decided to see what all the hype was about. I did my usual research by first looking up their website to see what kind of food they served and the type of environment it presents. I read from social media sites, yeah it’s an actual term I didn’t make it up. That they have their own RGV twitter account so I signed up and followed them. After a day of following I started receiving tweets about their soft opening and was getting more curious so I decided to visit the location but, decided on waiting a couple of weeks after their grand opening since I prefer to try out a new place after all the commotion has calmed down and get the proper experience of the restaurant. I then decided to do my usual visits of once for dinner and once for lunch in order to see how the employees deal with their customers on different times, as well as make sure consistency is followed; and here is what I found.
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The Man of Your Dreams

Review of Nightmare on Elm Street 2010

By RF Cisneros

It’s that time of year again, where for some of us look into ourselves and pull out the inner child in all of us and, become our favorite hero or villain and go out for candy and fun.  Yes, Halloween is around the corner and not only does that bring trick or treating but it also brings out the part of us that enjoys being scared especially when it come to horror films. Continue reading The Man of Your Dreams

A Wolf in Human Skin

I awoke with the scent of rotten flesh next to me.  The pungent odor of puss and dried blood filled my nostrils and made me dry heave over the side of the bed.  I sat up from my bed and reached blindly in the darkness for the light switch that was on the nightstand.  I felt around and found my quarry.  I switched the light on and after a brief moment allowing my eyes to adjust I looked over to the left of me and saw the source of the odor.  Next to me lying in my bed was the eviscerated body of Sheila her silhouette was shadowed upon the wall opposite of the light.  Her silent body laid there lifeless with no soul her eyes blank and opaque. Continue reading A Wolf in Human Skin

The Alchemist Arrives

The Alchemist Arrives

By.  R F Cisneros

The cold rain stung my skin as it fell from the evening sky.  As, I looked up I breathed a heavy and tired sigh; the thoughts of what I was called in for were put to the back burner.  The thoughts that ran through my mind at this moment were not important with what was in front of me.  And, was it really important that my new boots were getting ruined due to this rainstorm?  I mean I just got these yesterday and now it rains.  It just isn’t fair I tell ya…I know I know back to the job at hand.  But, seriously new boots, I take a deep breath pull my thoughts back from the back burner and to the front.  And, I had to be quick about it or the heavy rainfall was about to make my job a whole lot harder. And, all I really wanted was to was go to back home get out of these wet clothes and have an ice cold beer and a cigarette while I watched an old Dresden Files re-run on ScyFy.

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