About Zurph

Hello, Roel Cisneros here.

DSC_9369I would like to tell you a little about myself. First of all I started this website so that I can share with you.  My thoughts ideas and my writings may they be from the past, present and any future ones that I will be writing. I welcome you to comment and give your input on what you read.

I will be submitting reviews of games, movies, and basically anything comes to mind and what I feel the public needs to know and I feel want to read about.  So if you come by here I’m sure you’ll see something that you like and maybe interest you so don’t be shy and read on you’ll be better informed for it.

For those who are looking for work to be done, I am also a freelance writer.  My rates for articles and reviews are flexible and change depending on what work needs to be done and the amount of research needed.  Rates begin at 25.00 to 150.00 respectfully.  If you need more info please feel free to contact me via twitter, I also available on FaceBook, under Roel Cisneros.

Let it be known that sometimes what I write is too honest for some people and if you want to discuss it, then I welcome it and I hope you as well.  But be fore warned that if you decide to lock horns with me be sure you are prepared to be knocked down a peg or two.   So I again invite you to look around and leave a comment or two and give me your honest opinions.

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My place to express my opinions and views of how I see the world.