Ripped From Heaven By R. F. Cisneros

Here is something I wrote to be submitted for an article and hopefully be chosen. and, in case it didn’t I decided to post it up here and allow you all to give it a read, Enjoy.

ripped_heavenRipped From Heaven

By R. F. Cisneros

I look upon my wife and child. I see them laughing and smiling. I feel the sun on my face as it fills me with joy and life. I see my son’s hand holding mine, I am finally home. I can now spend the rest of my days with them. I’ve finally been released from mortality.

I look up and see the sky darkening. The clouds are spiraling, the ground begins to tremble. I look over to tell my wife to go, run away, and find shelter, but I don’t see her or my son. The ground is no longer under my feet. I am falling, or am I flying? I can’t tell, I only know that I can no longer see nor hear my beloved, or my son. I scream to the heavens and ask for answers, but none come. I swing my arms around whirling like pinwheels to right myself but there’s no use, it doesn’t work. I close my eyes for a moment and open them to see that the sky is gone, the ground is gone, and the world that I knew is…gone.

I close them again and can feel the nothingness of space against my face, I feel the lack of air around me. I open my eyes and blink them several times to focus them, but darkness prevails. I lift my hands up to my eyes and rub them to make them focus and still nothing. I am now floating. Thoughts run through my mind, thoughts of loneliness and fear rush within those thoughts. I try to scream and nothing comes out. I take in a deep breath and nothing.

As I am about to give up I feel a pressure, not a sound but a pressure. And, I am pushed in every direction I know, this way and that. I see flashing lights on my eyelids, I try to open them but they do not, I can hear muffled voices, no wait, I hear a singular voice; a voice filled with laughter, a shrieking cackling voice. Someone is happy and makes it known by his…yes I can tell it’s a man’s voice. Loud and boisterous, and I can make out what he’s saying as he bellows out. IT’S ALIVE, ALIVE!!! I open my eyes and look up towards a man smiling down on me…oh GOD, who are you?


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