John Wick: A Review

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John Wick: A Review

By. RF Cisneros

     If there has been any reason to see a film by Keanu Reeves, this is the film to see.   Many people have mentioned and also they feel that Keanu has lingered into obscurity after his Matrix films, but with this film I believe that he has made a subtle comeback in being more selective with his film roles.  One of these roles was when he came out in the fantasy film that was inspired by true events. A film that was titled forty-seven Ronin.  But this review is not about that film it is about the film titled John Wick which is a true to the bone revenge film.  A film that was done with just enough action and drama to keep you on the edge of your seat.  The drama portion is based on a wrong done to the main character of the film’s namesake, and the action is the sheer action that takes place throughout the film.

I am not going to spoil it for you by telling you the plot or storyline of the film, what I will tell you is that the directing and acting were above par.  It has it’s share of known actors that you’ve seen before in television and in film.  The main actor is of course Keanu Reeves who plays a retired hit-man for the Russian mob who has been wronged, and that is saying something already.  Other actors grace their all star presence as well, just to name a couple, there is Willem De Foe, and Lance Reddick.  The screenplay was very well written with enough explosions that almost make it feel like a Michael bay film but the directing was done by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski who I must admit did a phenomenal job in using the right lighting and camera angles to get us into the action.  Especially when Chad Stahelski’s background is in stunts.  Which are showed beautifully in this film.

The universe given to us by David Leitch and Chad Stahelski is close enough to be considered a world created in the world of comic books, with the complicated fight scenes and the bringing back of the action sub-genre that was called Gun-Fu.  Believe me Equilibrium is nothing compared to the way they use guns in this film.  And not only that, Keanu has shown us that he is not only a good character actor but a great physical actor as well.  I think the only bit of grief I have for the film is that the ending besides it being good, was a little lacking in bang for the buck.  It ends well but I think it needed some more explosions or something to show it was finally over so that he could go and enjoy the rest that comes from retirement that he so richly deserved.  But other than that low point I highly recommend this film, so see it in the theatre and when it comes out in blu-Ray it is a must to add to your collection.  I know I’ll be adding it to mine.

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