The Equalizer – A Review

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The Equalizer, A Review

By. RF Cisneros

     There are times when you hear about a reboot of a TV series you grew up watching is announced and you hope that they don’t make a mess of it, this reboot is not one of the those.  The reboot of the mid eighties series of the same name was first announced in 2010, but did not get off the ground, it wasn’t until December 2011 that it was reported that the film was back on track with Denzel Washington to play the lead role of Robert McCall, and to be directed by Antoine Fugua.  

This would be the second film these two would be put together since their last project, Training Day.  And, as always the old adage plays here in that if it’s not broke don’t fix it.  This saying holds true with this film.  The chemistry that is between actor and director come out on the big screen.  The movie is not completely action packed but when the action does come out it is done well with good choreography and a cast of seasoned actors from past films.  The script was done well with enough heart-felt dialogue and characters that make you believe that they are real.  The basis is the same as the series but instead of him starting off with a case Or helping someone in need, what we have here is a back story of how and where the main character starts to help people in need.  We never find out exactly where Robert McCall learned his skills but you can assume he has had former military training and perhaps might have been a member of the CIA or some other agency.

The plot of the film is told very well, with just enough speed to keep you absorbed and entertained.  I prefer not spoiling this film for all of you because as I’ve done before with my reviews, I will not be giving out spoilers, because I want you to see this film and believe me when I say it is worth the money and time to take in seeing this film.  So go out and see this film, I am sure that you all will not be disappointed.

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