Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, A Review

By.  RFC

I grew up reading comics and enjoyed being transported to a different world that was created by the writers and artists that put out their weekly issues of heroes and villains. You had your X-Men, The Avengers, Batman, and Superman just to name a few but when a new series came out in ninety-eighty-four that was about creatures that were not in your usual scene for a better name human I had to check it out. I went to my usual comic book haunt and asked about the series. Once I purchased the first and began reading and finished it, I swear the creators had spent the night on a pot binged haze coming up with these characters. And, you know what? It worked, not only did they keep me enthralled with their stories but the characters themselves were well written and thought out. We now flash forward several years to the spring of ninety-ninety where they came to the big screen and I was very much excited to see it. As I was sixteen when this film came out and I decided to ditch school to see this movie, now no judgement here, I was sixteen after all. The name of this film was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Let’s just say I was, for a film in that time and era with the lack of CGI and using animatronics, was very much impressed as well as enjoyed it.

Now we flash forward many more years and I in my forty-first year, we are where we are now, and you may call me a huge man-child, but I won’t deny you that because as far as my generation goes we are all a bunch of man-children. So we have this next incarnation of the above said film a reboot as you might call it. And, as I left the theatre I felt that the decision made to see the newest vision of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise was the proper and correct one. It’s been several years since the making of the last live-action films, and only five years had passed when they made the fully CGI incarnation of the same franchise. So it was interesting to see how they’d go about making this reboot by doing another live action film. From the beginning there were those who already had the movie set for failure to begin with. I don’t understand why, because what I saw gave no reason to look at it with crossed eyes and feelings of angst.

The film was done with your usual storyline that was in the original comics with a little bit changed around for plot. I watched the film with an open mind and was not disappointed. I laughed at all the right moments and felt the heart strings tugged in the proper parts. I won’t go into detail of the film’s plot or offer spoilers because I want you all to go see it with the same open mind that I went in with. But, I will give you this…the film was done very well with the character’s personalities intact. And, I of course as you can tell enjoyed it with as much fervor as I did when I was sixteen and saw them on the screen the very first time. So, take my recommendation or don’t go see it with your mind closed and don’t like I dare you not to like it because honestly it is one of the best versions of the franchise I’ve seen in a long time.

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