A Wolf in Human Skin

I awoke with the scent of rotten flesh next to me.  The pungent odor of puss and dried blood filled my nostrils and made me dry heave over the side of the bed.  I sat up from my bed and reached blindly in the darkness for the light switch that was on the nightstand.  I felt around and found my quarry.  I switched the light on and after a brief moment allowing my eyes to adjust I looked over to the left of me and saw the source of the odor.  Next to me lying in my bed was the eviscerated body of Sheila her silhouette was shadowed upon the wall opposite of the light.  Her silent body laid there lifeless with no soul her eyes blank and opaque. I jumped out of bed and stepped backwards hitting my back against my wall and fell to the ground tears welling up in my eyes the sensation of anguish filling my being.  I don’t know what happened or what did this I only remember going out the night before and meeting her at the bar I usually visit.  I remember the night being warm and asking her if she wanted to come up for a night she’d never forget.  I remember walking into my one-bedroom apartment and us embracing each other and the next feeling I remember was being inside her with all the pleasure that comes from two people becoming one in a night of sexual desire and lust.  I looked at her body on my bed covered in her fluids and seeing her body torn up like an animal had its way with her and then a feeling of cold hit my body. A sensation of shivers came over my skin and my skin was now covered in cold sweat and goose pimples.  A thought came to me.  What if someone started to ask questions?  What if she had a family that would miss her?  Then, the one thought that mattered most came to the forefront of my mind.  What if and this is something that should’ve of been my first thought but, what if someone at the bar saw me leave with her?  They would tell who ever asked if she left with someone, “why, yes I saw her go with a guy.  His, name is Anthony, or was it Michael?”  A description would be asked of me and they would probably be accurate or not but is that something that I could take the chance of risking?  I only picked her up for a one night stand nothing more.  But, look at what that got ya Anthony. I thought to myself and then the cold feeling came over me again.  And, when they finally find my apartment and ask to be let in.  I would have to let them in and then they would see Sheila’s body on my bed and then I get arrested for murder.  Then the questions would begin and I wouldn’t know what to tell them.  I don’t remember anything that happened that night.  Just coming home and then having sex with her and the rest is a blank.

Then what has to be done is clear I would have to remove the body and any evidence that she was here.  I don’t know much about forensics but I do know that if I played it cool and showed no fear to the police then I won’t be implicated for the act.  I’ll just tell them “why yes, officer I was with her she was supposed to come over for the night.  We left together and started out to head to my place but her cell phone rang and she answered it and said “she had to go home.”  I was put out but I wasn’t going to force her to come up.  So we left our separate ways and I came home alone and fell asleep alone.”  Yes, that sounds right and if I played this off right then I’ll be safe from being arrested.  Of course they’ll have to check my story out and there’s a fifty-fifty chance that they’ll come back and ask more questions but I’ll have to make sure all my bases are covered.  I looked over to my bed and started to stand up.  I could still feel my body shaking with the adrenaline and the fight or flight sensation.  Hell, I’m doing all I could do to keep from throwing up again but I knew I had to do this.  I’m no murderer but, they aren’t going to believe that since they’re going to find my DNA all over her and yes I did pick her and had sex with her.  But, if a body isn’t found then there will be no evidence that I was with her.

After several minutes of thinking I looked over to my clock and saw the time was after four o’clock in the morning.  I was off today so I could get this done quick and fast.  I would have to wait till the evening to get rid of the body and the smell was starting get overwhelming.  I walked over to the body and looked at her one last time and turned around and headed over to the bathroom to wash my face and remove the blood off my hands and my body.  I laid next to her so whatever blood was on her was on me.  I turned the light on to the bathroom and looked into the mirror and let out a gasp of shock.  I stared at my face and my mouth and noticed that I was covered with blood and licked my tongue inside my mouth and tasted…oh my god…I tasted blood.  Sheila’s blood oh my fucking god it was me I’m the one that killed her I’m the one that tore her apart like a wild animal.  I fell to the ground crying what I have become, what have I done?

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