Seven Keys By R F Cisneros

Robert Garrison stood in the middle of his living room holding his cup of coffee as he watched the news report coming from his television.  He raised the cup up to his mouth and blew off the steam and stopped as he narrowed his eyes and stared as he heard the reporter from his local news station, “In latest news: President Obama has after several days of review signed the new internet protection law into effect.  The law states that by the end of 2012 the president of the United States will be able to control the flow of the Internet via a centralized switching system in his office located inside the White House. It has been several years that this plan has been put into motion and accepted by the people and the senate.  More news about this…” Robert’s cell phone rang and he was startled out of his attention from the screen.  He walked over to his kitchen counter and put his coffee down and answered his phone keeping the surprise of tension from his voice.  “Garrison here.”  A harsh voice came over the receiver   “Garrison, it’s time.  I need you to come to the office immediately.”  “Is this about the project we spoke of sir?”  The man on the other end answered with a contemptuous tone “I am not a liberty to say just come to the office immediately and all will be explained.”  Then there was silence and a fast busy sound came from the phone’s receiver.  Robert looked at his phone a sign of disdain and contempt came over him and placed his phone into his coat pocket and walked over to the front door and picked up his briefcase and headed out to work.

Father Ricardo Moreno walked down the hall in front of his office in Vatican City.  As, he arrived at the front of his door he felt a slight pressure on his back.  “Meus Dios, please don’t do this my child.”  Father Ricardo pleaded with his unknown assailant.  His breathing fast and quick and his thoughts racing, he struggled to calm himself.  He knew he would be no use to anyone if he made a rash decision.  After a brief moment to catch his breath he hears a whispered voice in his right ear.  “I need your card Father.  If you draw attention to yourself I WILL kill you, if you try to run I WILL kill you.  All, I want is the key card.”  “I have no idea what you are talking about my son.  There is no keycard that I know of.”  After he made this statement a sharp pain was felt on the back of Father Ricardo’s head.  “Don’t lie to me father I know you are one of the seven card holders.  If you cooperate I’ll let you live if you don’t I…I…will kill you.  It’s nothing-personal Father it’s business and I don’t mean you any harm.  That is unless you don’t interfere with my contract.”

The voice of this man holding the gun to my back was serious and unlike his demeanor there was no anger within his tone.  He meant what he said. I would come to no harm, just as long as he got what he came for. As, these thoughts went through the Father’s mind a sigh of relief came over him.  But, the sense of fear started to replace his calming sense of realization.  After realizing that if he did NOT give him this keycard he was looking for he would be killed.  He felt he only had one thing he could do and that would mean; convince him he didn’t have this keycard.  “My son, please believe me you have been misinformed I know not what you search.  I have not this keycard.  I am Father Ricardo Moreno Cardinal to the pope here in the Vatican.  Please believe me that what I am saying is the truth.  If you want I will take you to my office you can search it and see for yourself that there is no card.”  “No, I don’t think so.  You have the card on your person now you’ll hand it over and as much as I don’t want to kill a man of the cloth I will.  Then once I’m done I will search your corpse for it.  Like I mentioned earlier it’s only business, now Father don’t try to be a hero just give me the card and you will be safe.”  Father Moreno closed his eyes, reached into the left pocket of his cloak and pulled out a thick plastic card encased in a red official sealed holder.  He handed it over his shoulder to the man.  After a brief moment there was silence and then he spoke “thank you father but, I’m afraid I can’t keep my promise.”  The soft muffled sounds were not even heard by Father Moreno as the felt his sight go dim.

The sounds of the airport in Rome make it difficult for John Smith to speak into his cell phone.  “I have what I came for, I’ll meet up with you in four hours.”  “Yes, consider this a job well done.  I have your payment here and yes it’s untraceable.  But, we are not done yet I still need you to acquire six others.  I know I only need five but I don’t want to take any chances.  Go, retrieve those key cards.” “Consider it done.”  The fast busy sounds of disconnection is heard and a tall lanky man looks over to his screen and smiles as he sees the profiles of seven individuals and presses a key and the profile of Father Ricardo Moreno is taken off and replaced with the words DECEASED.  “One down and soon others to come.  Once people thought that the world could not be taken via the Internet but I’ll prove them wrong.  The internet will be mine once I control it and those keycards will do just that.”

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  1. Woah, one: Love the picture of the keys, two: Reading the story before i clicked on “read more” i was interested, three: WTF! IM A PRIEST AND I DIE!!! I HATE YOU!, four: very Dan Brownish. I am a sucker for these types of books/stories so of course i am interested and want to see where this goes. I like it, but once again you have just given me tastes of your work and i never get the full story to any of your stuff. FINISH IT!

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