Hangovers: Why my head hurts so?

Hangovers: Why my head hurts so?

By Darth Chew

When I was asked too do an article about hangovers and how to prevent them I said, “sure I’ll do it not a problem.”  Hangover So I proceed to tell Frank the best way to prevent hangovers is don’t drink.  He gave me this look, and I was like I’m kidding.  Hell I used to drink with the best of them and I never got a hangover.  Yes, I hear the gasps in the background and, yes true story I’ve never in the time I started drinking even till now have I ever gotten a hangover.  And, it’s this knowledge I’m going to pass on to you.  I hope that the masses who read this tome of information will and hopefully learn something in the end.  Let’s begin with what causes a hangover.  The cause of a hangover is a result of several but not too many things that happen in the body.   Let’s begin with the chemical Ethanol which is the main ingredient that is in alcohol.  Ethanol has a dehydrating effect on the body causing it to produce urine (diuresis) which makes you of course go to the bathroom.  It is this increased urine production what causes the headaches, dry mouth and the laziness we call lethargy.  So how do you prevent that a good question and an easy thing to do I’d recommend replenish the body with more fluids.  No I don’t mean drink more beer it’s the reason why you’re dehydrated in the first place.  What helps is for every drink or beer you have drink water along side with it.  Yeah, I know you want to get drunk we get it.  But, you don’t want the headache and dry mouth in the morning to come along with a night of drinking now do we?  You are still going to get sloshed but this way your body doesn’t lose the hydration it needs to function properly.  And, that’s the main reason why we are here right?

Now, the second thing that causes hangovers besides the dehydration is the formation of Acetaldehyde (Ethanal) from the Ethanol that’s in your body already.  Before you start on me with the spelling Ethanal is not misspelled it’s a very toxic chemical that is produced when your liver oxidizes the alcohol in the bloodstream which is about ten to thirty times more potent that the actual Ethanol alcohol your ingesting as well as being co carcinogenic (not carcinogenic solely by itself) and mutagenic.  This alone should stop you from drinking but, if you’re like me and you know the certain loopholes you can say HA to that because this shit is bad when you don’t take preventive measures and take care of yourself prior to a night out on the town and get sloshed.  Now to prevent a hangover is like I told you which I can’t stress it enough is to hydrate.  But, you ask what if I already have a hangover?  On, that I say bad very bad Squishy, no but, seriously remedies come in all shapes and sizes.  Which one to trust now that’s something you have to figure out but, the ones that I trust are the ones that will re-hydrate the body quickly and safely.  Cause remember it’s dehydration that’s the problem here.  So I recommend drinks like Gatorade, PowerAde and you may laugh but even Pedialyte works because it rehydrates the body as well as give you vitamins that your body needs.  Now I hope that this little bit of information will help you in preventing hangovers.  But, if not then you didn’t do something right.  Remember Darth Chew doesn’t get hangovers, hangovers get him hahahaha.  This is Darth Chew singing off till next time drink one for me and I’ll thank ya.

2 thoughts on “Hangovers: Why my head hurts so?”

  1. Nice article.

    What works for me, is after I come home from drinking, is to take two tylenol or advil with a full 8oz of water before completely passing out.

    It doesn’t get rid of the hangover, but it certainly minimizes its negative effects. Just FYI.


  2. if I’m not mistaken, tylenol taken with, before or during a hangover will obliterate your kidneys. advil is better, but I agree, the best thing you can do is drink plenty of water. not only will it keep you from dehydrating (the main cause of hangovers) but it lets you drink more, and isn’t that the most important thing of all?

    good stuff 🙂

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