Affairs and my opinions…hehehe

Hello all the Chew here and I have a little rant to go on about.  I was talking to the love
of my life (no not myself of course but, not to far from the truth hehehe) You should already know who I am talking about.  Well we were talking and she asked me a question that acutally threw me for a loop.  The question was if I would ever leave her for another woman or man.  I sat there and thought about it because how do you answer that question?  I mean you answer no and they give you that look, like uh huh sure you wouldn’t.  If you answer yes, they are like WHAT do you mean yes?  So basically it’s a catch twenty-two if you don’t know that pharse let me put it in layman’s terms.  You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  Now back to the question at hand.  I was there and I contemplated for a bit.  And, I came to this conclusion.  I began to explain to her that I would NOT leave her not because I love her (which I do by the way)  But, the fact that I have invested to much time and energy in our relationship and that I would not want to jeopardize it any way shape or form and she asked me to elaborate that answer.  I went ok here goes.  Let’s say that someone decides to catch my interest and we start dating on the side.  And, this said person decides that they would rather see themselves with me than my wife.  Well that would be a predicament that I can not afford to have happen.  It could cause a lot of issues with my wife and then my mistress or whatever you want to call that person.  Who gets hurt here?  No, not the insignificant other but the wife at home who has worked hard to keep me happy and now she sees that she did a bad job of it right?  But, then you have the issue that maybe I would like to taste a different piece of steak insted of the ribeye I would like the sirloin and I start to taste it and maybe I like both so I want to keep on having both.  So they I cannot eat each one everynight I have to pick one because we are a fickle gender (men I mean) since we tasted both one might be better than the other so we might lose the taste of one or try to keep both.  This of course has it’s own issues.  Well getting back on track my wife asked me which person would I prefer.  I told her the truth and that was of course her.  She was like ok why?  I told her that because I am used to her and comfortable with her and of course love her and that still did not convince her so I pulled out all the stops and told her that I have invested to much time and energy in the relationship for it to be lost in a little war of your mine and your mine and etc etc.  She sat and stared and looked at me and said I can understand and accept that.  Yes I was able to pull it off and give her the satisfactory answer.  Don’t get me wrong I would not leave her for anything even if I did have a person on the side because I would let her know of it and the stipulations that it is under.  Let me explain, you all know that I can detach myself from people very easily.  Well if you didn’t now you know that I can very much detach myself form people.  Well the stipulation is this and it is a doozy of one.  I would expect the other person be it male or female to know that I love my wife and I am not going to leave her for anything as stated earlier.  But, sometimes the other won’t do that because they become attached to me.  (Yes I know, how arrogant can I get?  I can be very arrogant just ask any one who knows me.) But, the issue is not that I don’t want to get attached it is that I will not due to the fact that I love my wife and she loves me and I will not risk losing her for any piece of tail be it again male or female.  And, this said person has to and will have to understand this and I will break it off the moment they start to have feelings other than that of a romp in the sack.  Like for instance I will not cuddle, hold, or share my feelings with the other.  They will learn that I am there for the need of pure animalistic passion and yes I will say this fucking of said individual.  So those calls to my cell or home will not be allowed or tolerated.  And if said female decides to let say trap me by trying to have a child with me.  That is an automatic HELL THE FUCK NO.  You may say how can this guy be that way?  Like I metioned earlier I will not risk anything and I mean anything to leave or hurt the woman in my life.  And, that is something the people out there will have to understand and cope with.  But, you have those people who start to think.  That he loves me and only me and he will leave his wife.  I know you people are out there and here is my answer.  Snap out of it cause it is not going to happen and I mean that with as much seriousness as a fucking heart attack.  It is this attitude that I know people give me that little look like what a fucking asshole.  I say you are entitled to your opinion.  And, the reason you may say that is because you are that type of person who gets attached and are already starting to hatch a plan to take that man away from his or her wife.  So don’t take your anger out on me for stating not only the obvious but the truth and take out your anger on yourself…The Chew

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  1. I love this. Straight to the point, no matter what ppl would think, honest and decisive. I can say I agree to a certain point with you. That point being having someone on a side. See, no matter how you play that, tell your significant other or not, that is still such pain. In the butt. And I’m not talking sex here. That is something that mentally I would not go through. The relationship has to end, in any way – weather it is divorce, break up, or just plain giving up after you have already tried to fix any problem that occurred in that relationship (so actual break up is just a technicality), before other person could have a chance with me. Of course that I’m talking just for me here (may sound conceited, but actually, I can only speak in my name). That trouble of doing anything more then hanging out, having coffee and chatting with anyone else but my boyfriend/husband/whatever is just too much work. I guess that makes me a lazy person. But, I like your way of thinking about it. Too much invested time and energy, hurting another just for that, not worth to throw away. And then again you have me who invests all in just one person and don’t give up easily. I’m sure that can be also psychologically explained, but let’s just call me lazy and naive here. 🙂 I enjoyed this article very much. A nice insight in your head. Have a good one, Chew! 🙂

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