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Carnifex: A Review By. R.F. Cisneros

CarnifexIn the world of fiction, there are many writers out there. And as there are many writers there are just as many different types of genres. One of these genres is the fantasy genre. It is an area of fiction that several authors can write well and some that I’m afraid to say cannot. Luckily I’ve had the pleasure of reading some good writers. And, unfortunately I’ve had the displeasure to have read some bad ones. Now, one that stands out has an uncanny grasp of the written word is D.P. Prior who is one of the good writers out there. Continue reading Carnifex: A Review By. R.F. Cisneros

Ripped From Heaven By R. F. Cisneros

Here is something I wrote to be submitted for an article and hopefully be chosen. and, in case it didn’t I decided to post it up here and allow you all to give it a read, Enjoy.

ripped_heavenRipped From Heaven

By R. F. Cisneros

I look upon my wife and child. I see them laughing and smiling. I feel the sun on my face as it fills me with joy and life. I see my son’s hand holding mine, I am finally home. I can now spend the rest of my days with them. I’ve finally been released from mortality.

I look up and see the sky darkening. The clouds are spiraling, the ground begins to tremble. I look over to tell my wife to go, run away, and find shelter, but I don’t see her or my son. The ground is no longer under my feet. I am falling, or am I flying? I can’t tell, I only know that I can no longer see nor hear my beloved, or my son. I scream to the heavens and ask for answers, but none come. I swing my arms around whirling like pinwheels to right myself but there’s no use, it doesn’t work. I close my eyes for a moment and open them to see that the sky is gone, the ground is gone, and the world that I knew is…gone.

I close them again and can feel the nothingness of space against my face, I feel the lack of air around me. I open my eyes and blink them several times to focus them, but darkness prevails. I lift my hands up to my eyes and rub them to make them focus and still nothing. I am now floating. Thoughts run through my mind, thoughts of loneliness and fear rush within those thoughts. I try to scream and nothing comes out. I take in a deep breath and nothing.

As I am about to give up I feel a pressure, not a sound but a pressure. And, I am pushed in every direction I know, this way and that. I see flashing lights on my eyelids, I try to open them but they do not, I can hear muffled voices, no wait, I hear a singular voice; a voice filled with laughter, a shrieking cackling voice. Someone is happy and makes it known by his…yes I can tell it’s a man’s voice. Loud and boisterous, and I can make out what he’s saying as he bellows out. IT’S ALIVE, ALIVE!!! I open my eyes and look up towards a man smiling down on me…oh GOD, who are you?


A Wolf in Human Skin

I awoke with the scent of rotten flesh next to me.  The pungent odor of puss and dried blood filled my nostrils and made me dry heave over the side of the bed.  I sat up from my bed and reached blindly in the darkness for the light switch that was on the nightstand.  I felt around and found my quarry.  I switched the light on and after a brief moment allowing my eyes to adjust I looked over to the left of me and saw the source of the odor.  Next to me lying in my bed was the eviscerated body of Sheila her silhouette was shadowed upon the wall opposite of the light.  Her silent body laid there lifeless with no soul her eyes blank and opaque. Continue reading A Wolf in Human Skin

The Alchemist Arrives

The Alchemist Arrives

By.  R F Cisneros

The cold rain stung my skin as it fell from the evening sky.  As, I looked up I breathed a heavy and tired sigh; the thoughts of what I was called in for were put to the back burner.  The thoughts that ran through my mind at this moment were not important with what was in front of me.  And, was it really important that my new boots were getting ruined due to this rainstorm?  I mean I just got these yesterday and now it rains.  It just isn’t fair I tell ya…I know I know back to the job at hand.  But, seriously new boots, I take a deep breath pull my thoughts back from the back burner and to the front.  And, I had to be quick about it or the heavy rainfall was about to make my job a whole lot harder. And, all I really wanted was to was go to back home get out of these wet clothes and have an ice cold beer and a cigarette while I watched an old Dresden Files re-run on ScyFy.

Continue reading The Alchemist Arrives

Seven Keys By R F Cisneros

Robert Garrison stood in the middle of his living room holding his cup of coffee as he watched the news report coming from his television.  He raised the cup up to his mouth and blew off the steam and stopped as he narrowed his eyes and stared as he heard the reporter from his local news station, “In latest news: President Obama has after several days of review signed the new internet protection law into effect.  The law states that by the end of 2012 the president of the United States will be able to control the flow of the Internet via a centralized switching system in his office located inside the White House. Continue reading Seven Keys By R F Cisneros

A New Friend By R F Cisneros

The sounds of metal scraping against the sharpening stone make my nerves shudder with anticipation as I finish my nightly ritual.  The routine is something that I have practiced over and over in my home.  Now that the practice is ready to become a reality I feel the pleasure overwhelming me.   As, I reflect upon the chase and the capture of my prey.  I run the game within my mind and prepare my tools so everything is perfect when I bring my newfound friend.  I align the silver blades along the black lining of my holder.  The light from the sun coming into my window glistens off the shiny metal, my toys are ready for playtime when I myself can’t wait until I feel the blade puncture the area I so carefully choose.  The thoughts of what I am planning make the endorphins in my brain light up like a Vegas strip.  The emotions that run through me enlighten me with the feelings of hunger and warmth more than I have ever experienced.  I have spent years practicing on subjects that were not alive and the feeling could never satisfy what I craved for, Continue reading A New Friend By R F Cisneros