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A Problem With The World’s Future Generation

By. R.F. Cisneros

Know what one problem with the world today is? If not, don’t worry I’ll tell you. In this day and age most of the parents of the newest generation being born have raised an ungrateful, selfish, group of individuals that are being taught with no understanding of how the world really works. We give them trophies just for showing up. Continue reading A Problem With The World’s Future Generation

Carnifex: A Review By. R.F. Cisneros

CarnifexIn the world of fiction, there are many writers out there. And as there are many writers there are just as many different types of genres. One of these genres is the fantasy genre. It is an area of fiction that several authors can write well and some that I’m afraid to say cannot. Luckily I’ve had the pleasure of reading some good writers. And, unfortunately I’ve had the displeasure to have read some bad ones. Now, one that stands out has an uncanny grasp of the written word is D.P. Prior who is one of the good writers out there. Continue reading Carnifex: A Review By. R.F. Cisneros

Ripped From Heaven By R. F. Cisneros

Here is something I wrote to be submitted for an article and hopefully be chosen. and, in case it didn’t I decided to post it up here and allow you all to give it a read, Enjoy.

ripped_heavenRipped From Heaven

By R. F. Cisneros

I look upon my wife and child. I see them laughing and smiling. I feel the sun on my face as it fills me with joy and life. I see my son’s hand holding mine, I am finally home. I can now spend the rest of my days with them. I’ve finally been released from mortality.

I look up and see the sky darkening. The clouds are spiraling, the ground begins to tremble. I look over to tell my wife to go, run away, and find shelter, but I don’t see her or my son. The ground is no longer under my feet. I am falling, or am I flying? I can’t tell, I only know that I can no longer see nor hear my beloved, or my son. I scream to the heavens and ask for answers, but none come. I swing my arms around whirling like pinwheels to right myself but there’s no use, it doesn’t work. I close my eyes for a moment and open them to see that the sky is gone, the ground is gone, and the world that I knew is…gone.

I close them again and can feel the nothingness of space against my face, I feel the lack of air around me. I open my eyes and blink them several times to focus them, but darkness prevails. I lift my hands up to my eyes and rub them to make them focus and still nothing. I am now floating. Thoughts run through my mind, thoughts of loneliness and fear rush within those thoughts. I try to scream and nothing comes out. I take in a deep breath and nothing.

As I am about to give up I feel a pressure, not a sound but a pressure. And, I am pushed in every direction I know, this way and that. I see flashing lights on my eyelids, I try to open them but they do not, I can hear muffled voices, no wait, I hear a singular voice; a voice filled with laughter, a shrieking cackling voice. Someone is happy and makes it known by his…yes I can tell it’s a man’s voice. Loud and boisterous, and I can make out what he’s saying as he bellows out. IT’S ALIVE, ALIVE!!! I open my eyes and look up towards a man smiling down on me…oh GOD, who are you?


A Review: Vanx Malic Book Six

Vanx Malic Book 6

The fantasy genre has had many authors come and go, some good and some not so good. Over the years, I have had the pleasure to read some of the good ones. I have also had the misfortune to read some of the bad ones, and believe me, there have been some bad ones. But I digress. I am not here to pitch out venom or bile toward the ones that I didn’t like, the ones that pushed my eyes and brain to the brink of painful bleeding with their badly written stories and badly thought out plot lines. Continue reading A Review: Vanx Malic Book Six

Idiocy at Walmart

You know I tend to bitch and rant about the most trivial things but today I think it is not so trivial. I can understand what WIC means and what it does. But do the people using it do?  I don’t know about that. Case in point I’m at walmart buying groceries with the wife hehehe yes I got smacked for that one. And, I’m behind this woman who one doesn’t look like she needs assistance and two looks like a stripper I know without the beauty. Well she gets in line actually she’s already in line and is trying to buy lactose free milk with WIC cards. Is that even possible?  Well, that isn’t neither the point or what the rant is based on.  What the rant is based on is that she is there standing in line when the checkout person states that the milk isn’t on the WIC program.  I am like ok cool she is going to give it to the checkout person and finish paying and bam I’m next and I can get home and relax before having to come to chop.  But, no the fates didn’t have that idea in my cards oh no she decides to argue with the cashier and state that she saw the label saying they were WIC approved and she wasn’t leaving until she got her lactose free milk.  And, she told the cahsier that she wanted HER to go and check for her since she didn’t want too since she was already waiting in line and didn’t want to get out and lose her place.  I understand that believe me I do.  But, what she did is uncalled for.  I mean she knew there was one myself in line and two another person in line and we have already been in line for over half an hour but she didn’t consider this at all she just looked back at us and gave a look like I am not going anywhere so suffer.  Continue reading Idiocy at Walmart

A son’s Epitaph

Life is something we cherish and go through with a passion we all should share.  In saying this I believe that we all have that same passion for life as the next person.  Events in my life have happened that make understand and cherish what we do and how we live our lives.  Case being in point a sad moment in my life has happened.  I have lost someone dear to me in the form of my mother.  She lost her fight with her condition on March 12, 2009.  She as some of you know was very ill and her condition was not getting better, so we all prayed and hoped for the best against fleeting odds but in the end her life ceased to be.  And, we my family and myself I mean were even though it was inevitable of her passing still were not prepared for the outcome of this event.  I sit and reflect upon the past times we shared my mother and I.  Continue reading A son’s Epitaph


Somethings have been going on in my life I wrote about it to cope and deal hope you enjoy and comment if you’d like…Zurph

By  R. F. Cisneros

You blessed me with my life
I lived my life without need
Smiling when I gave you strife
You stood by me while we journeyed
If I fell you always lifted me up
Making sure that I was not hurt
Always treating me like a grownup
And sometimes a harsh word you’d blurt
But, never taken in anger or pain
The wisdom you give me always taken
Even if I didn’t listen never in vain
Even as I see you I can’t close the coffin
Knowing I’ll never hear your voice
Or see your smile upon your face
As you allowed me to make my own choice
The memories in my heart I will not erase
I will live my life with your values
And, the morals that you have taught
I will uphold you’re ideas of curfews
Never living life with a feeling of distraught
With the passing of you I give my adieus
This is something I say with a heavy heart
Never being my brother, or my father
Our lives as we lived will now part
I will always be proud to have called you mother

Welcome to my Page.

Hello, all Lord Zurph here for all who actually know me hi and for those who don’t know me let me begin by saying this.  My name is Roel F. Cisneros and I am aspiring writer who hopefully one day will be able to known by more than just my friends.  This site is dedicated to my past, recent and of course future works.  So I ask you to come in and enjoy my works and if you would like to comment feel free to do so.  I accept both negative and positive criticsm and don’t worry about offending me you won’t.  Well without  further adieu I present to you